Who wants to go for a Sunset Summer Cruise?


Its always summer here in Cebu as manifested by the bright Mr. Sun 🙂 I had always been at home on a sunset cruise. This is just one way for me to throw my worries to the wind. It is also a way for me to get more inspiration for my creative outputs.

A few years back, I had worked with different establishments revolving around the sea and the hospitality industry. I had also been exposed to the outdoors and conquered my hydrophobia by learning to dive! Imagine that! I would definitely go about finding the best way for me to distress. And one way for this is the sunset cruise on a yacht.

For back grounders, the PY Antipodes was born from Carmen Cebu year 2009. He started its maiden voyage from Carmen to Maribago waters in the island of Mactan sometime in 2009. He was chartered by Joil R & T Corporation, tour operator of then Imperial Palace Waterpark and Spa Resort. For about 4 years it serves as a luxury cruising trimaran yacht for the Resort’s client who wants to go island hopping, snorkeling, diving and or fishing. PY Antipodes is equipped with the highest standard in marine technology, not to mention its Auto pilot function and state of the art maritime electronics. It has total of 8 cabins, 1 master cabin and 7 standard cabins including on board yacht crew’s quarter. In 2012, in a fortuitous event a storm damaged 80ft mast and hull. It was then decided to have it dry docked in its home town Carmen for full renovation and engine overhauling, mid 2013 sees the rise of PY Antipodes again, he was back into business until the present date.

This Sept 26, once again, Antipodes will have its Sunset Summer Cruise in October to celebrate not only the gift of life but also of friendship and goodwill. This is a rare opportunity to join a sunset cruise on a trimaran and it has a maximum capacity of 60 passengers. Aside from the idyllic cruise, there will be overflowing wine paired with cocktail bites to add zest to the afternoon. It is highly encouraged to wear white when joining this activity to give a sharp contrast on the blue waters off the coast. 🙂

See you there! Boarding will be at 2 in the afternoon sharp and will disembark by 6 pm at the Hilton Port [beside Moevenpick Hotel in Punta Engano]. 🙂  Please RSVP to Enrique San Juan at the number 0977 178 6915. 🙂



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