Travel Diaries: Travelogue Holiday Sale Is A Gift of Travel


Cebu City — Travel has been a long favorite of people from all walks of life. Ever since we started existing, travel has been tantamount to affect our daily lives. My Eventology PH presents Travelogue, The Holiday Travel Sale opening today, December 16 at the Mountain Wing of the SM Seaside Cebu.

The Travelogue is another brainchild of My Eventology PH and it aims to provide its guests and would be travelers of the gift of travel. What exactly does this mean? Beginning December 16 until December 17, the Travelogue Holiday Sale presents affordable offers from the different participating resorts, hotels, airlines [both domestic and international] as well as travel agencies who wanted to impart their own travel packages.

Here are the reasons why Travelogue is a must do activity:

  1. A good brainstorming activity for the whole family.

    When kids are involved in making decisions as to where to travel, it inculcates the value of togetherness and wanderlust to them. In addition, parents are able to get to know their kids and traveling can be a great reward for the kids for their hard work at school.

  2. A gift of travel for everyone.

    This event not only provides a gift of travel for families, but it also is a good opportunity for couples and newly weds to travel and explore the world. Traveling with your loved ones not only make you close to them, you will also experience the grandeur and the delight of discovering places, establishment, food and cultures.

  3. A way to find yourself.

    Traveling solo may be tedious for some but in general, millennials wanted to do some soul searching and reflection on their lives. Purchasing your travel vouchers and airline tickets in events such as these will definitely give you all the discounts that you yearn for. Who knows, that solo trip you had booked for Bali might be an avenue for your to find your self or your destiny. Or that promo fare you availed for Siargao will let you change your lifestyle and become a surfer girl/boy. It really opens up opportunities that you won’t realize till you are there.

  4. A good avenue for #squadgoals trip!

    Needing to get that perfect #squadgoals weekend getaway with friends? Or dreamed to cruise the high seas with your barkada? This is the perfect time for you to book the whole squad with awesome offers from participating travel agencies who had direct access to cruise lines! It will save you the hassle of going directly to ticketing offices since the event is at a convenient and strategic place, #MallAboveAllElse, SM Seaside City Cebu! 🙂

Here are participating exhibitors:

Some reminders and tips though:

  1. Make sure your gifts of travel [a.k.a hotel vouchers, plane and ferry tickets] are open date or can be negotiated to an OPEN DATE. This will avoid hassle free transaction on the one who receives it.
  2. Bring your awesome friends! Booking together is an awesome activity.
  3. You can purchase your tickets, book your rooms and enjoy all other perks through cash or credit card.
  4. Be ready for some meters and meters of awesome walking! The space is pretty much bigger than the last time.
  5. Have a plan in mind as to where to go and what to book. This will save you time and energy to find the best deals. 🙂

Other Special Participation:

Photo Credits: Travelogue