#SummerReady: Sta. Fe Preps Up for the Season of Sunshine [1 of 2]


Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu  — Yesterday, March 11, I was invited by my brother from another mother, Maranatha Ilustrisimo, PCGA, to witness the culmination activity of the Water Survival, Safety, Search and Rescue of the 27 lifeguards from the 24 resorts in Sta. Fe. The activity was formulated by the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary 205th Squadron with the participation of the Philippine Coast Guard Station Commander for Cebu Province, CDR Dionilett Ampil, PCG and the Philippine Coast Guard Special Operations Group. 

Rationale for the Training

Sta. Fe is teeming with resorts and establishments as well as natural cerulean seas. The tourists flock to Sta. Fe especially during Summer and Holy Week. Locals take pride as well of the seas’ bounty like fish and shellfishes. With the increased demand of the tourists for accommodation, food and nightlife, the locals who have the place creates establishments that cater to the need. As a result, the need for safety precaution and standby personnel that are knowledgeable on first aid, water safety, search and rescue as well as possible retrieval becomes a top priority. The LGU, business community and the other sectors of the community are working hand in hand to deliver these services to the travelers.

As what Sta. Fe Mayor Jose “Titing” Esgana had stated, the program echoes R.A. 9993 or the Philippine Coast Guard Law of 2009 to enforce regulations in accordance with all relevant maritime international conventions, treaties or instruments and national laws for the promotion of safety of life property at sea within the maritime jurisdiction of the Philippines and conduct port state control implementation. This also echoes the sub purpose of the law that mandates to have a Life Guard every 20 meters of shoreline. The mayor also emphasized on “Accountable Tourism” where the Life Guards are the front liners on safety implementation and the first responders on any untoward accidents and incidents on their respective beach resorts and establishments.

“We are not renewing permits of resorts and similar establishments that do not have lifeguards, there is still 20 percent that we are hoping will comply, ” Mayor Esgana said.

Mayor Jose “Titing” Esgana addressing the participants of the WASSAR and First Aid with AED training [life guards] at Mayet Beach Resort at Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island.

Capt. Marianico Illustrisimo, 205th Squadron Commander assured there will still be an essential training for the graduates and those who still want to be trained. [Caocampio News]

Capt. Marianico Illustrisimo, 205th Squadron Commander with LT Maranatha Ilustrisimo, PCGA, Mayor Jose “Titing” Esgana and CDR Dionilett Ampil, PCG

Culmination and Pictorial

Municipal Tourism Officer Miss Lanie Loyao congratulating the participants after the training.
Class Picture!
Life Guard Oath
Mayor Esgana leading the Life Guard Oath.


How #SummerReady is your city/municipality? Do they have safety measures like what Sta Fe had initiated? Let’s talk! Feel free to drop down your comments below! 🙂