Share Life Outdoors: Trail Adventours Osmena Peak Traverse to Kawasan Dayhike Chronicles


LIFE does get a bit unpredictable at times. With fate’s playing up with the circumstances, rarely do I find myself amused in the company of new acquaintances who stirred something in myself that I, with much thought, finally conceded and gave in. I, for some reason, found angels disguised as new friends along the trail, the Trail Adventours Cebu Guides 🙂

Last Saturday, October 24, amid the haze and the gentle blowing breeze on the southern Cebu coast, I took upon a journey to Osmeña Peak with our friends from Trail Adventours, [a newly formed group here in Cebu that offers day hikes and climbs], to the highest land mass in Cebu according to NAMRIA with an elevation of 1036 MASL and coordinates of N 09˚49.207’ E 123˚26.545’.  As for today, Osmeña Peak had an easy access, unlike before when the trails are not established yet. As I walked on the stone path, I noticed that it was an advantage because the damage can be contained on the designated trail only, unlike if there is an absence of the walk path, soil erosion and plant damage is eminent. I had a lot of mountaineer friends who had climbed this peak and eventually camped here with their own story to tell. Stories abound as to how the mountain can be unforgivable at times, when all you can think of is hanging on to dear life and pray that your tent wont be blown away or your tent pegs and poles wont go broken. Other scenery in the area include being included with the Vegetable Basket of Cebu, with rows and rows of vegetables that greet you as you navigate your way up the peak. It was the shortest hike I had experienced going to the peak, and I noticed that the air was thinning too. Any how, I was still in awe that at least more than a dozen peaks are laid out reminiscent of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. I had always been travelling since childhood days in Dalaguete, but never had the chance to climb the peak. I would always tell myself that one day, I will hike up the peak and savor fresh mountain air, but when I went there, it was more than foggy. It was hazy. 🙁

As we continued our journey, I met the awesome people behind Trail Adventours. Let’s start off with the Manila Team. Cebu Team will be on a separate blog post. Hihihi. 🙂

> Guido Sarreal a.k.a Joseph Gideon V. Sarreal is one of the Senior Trail Adventours Guides. He is someone I would say that can be trusted and has a steadfast character. He was the first Manila based team I had met during the Intro to Mountain Climbing Talk at the ROX in Ayala Center Cebu. Will talk more on the event on a diff post though 🙂 Guido is someone who might be serious and might be having his own world but he is actually super nice and knows how to make everyone smile. 🙂 He usually goes with the lead pack during our hike in Osmeña Peak. He taught me one important lesson in life, always FOCUS. It’s always mind over matter.

> Coby Sarreal a.k.a. Jacob Gabriel V. Sarreal is Guido’s younger brother and he is also a Senior Trail Adventours Guide. He is the “pala ngiti”, the funny and goofy one. He is great in making conversations and has a lot of questions at the back of his head. When I answered his question during the pre event activity in Ayala, he was really laughing his head off. 🙂 I never thought I can get along pretty well with this guy. When a mishap happened, he was the one who attended to it since we were both colleagues in the nursing profession. 🙂 Along our climb, we definitely had funny moments and most importantly, he was the only one who made me sing out in the woods during a hike!

> Lester Canapi or Kuya Lester, was a very silent and is always on deep thought during our hike. But he didnt hesitated to be of help during instances of need. He was also very motivational during the hike.

> Rameses or Ram Banzuela, the photographer/hiker/scribe of the group, was able to capture moments of serenity for the entire hike. When I got injured, he assisted me in the trek but having an umbrella. 🙂 He was a silent and non commentator type but he had this certain depth of wisdom that I had found very amusing.

Each of the guides had their own way of delivering the best of the hike. Backed up with a solid knowledge on trails and hiking, they made my very first ever hike up the highest elevation a memorable and a fun one too. 🙂 It made me realize that even though I had been climbing a lot, there is always one way to remind me that the mountains are one immovable and formidable force to reckon with. I might not be in the best condition that day to do the hike but I surely had a lot of fun! Being in one with nature always let me realign my goals, reboot my brain and recharge my self.

Hoping for more day hikes and climbs with the Trail Adventours Cebu Team. 🙂 More information about them on my part 2 blog! See you on the trails!

Here are the photos courtesy of Trail Adventours Cebu 🙂

Trail Adventours Manila and Cebu Team with Cebu based bloggers and friends 🙂


Side pose at Osmena Peak :)
Side pose at Osmena Peak 🙂