Montebello Villa Hotel: Keeping Tradition, Embracing Innovation [2 of 2]


Cebu, Philippines — Montebello Villa Hotel has kept the Hispanic-Cebuano Tradition very much alive. On its walls you will be able to see the passing of ages, and the progress of time that characterized how the family lived and survived its tradition for 44 years.

Today, Montebello Villa Hotel hotel sits on a property that was once adjacent to a vineyard and the sprawling mountains, and has maintained the way they operated ever since. Right now, in the light of new changes, the villa hotel had made increment renovations to the facade as well as the interiors of the building. This innovations kept the hotel in the list of go to hotels that provided an escape within reach.

The Pool

This half olympic sized pool is a favorite spot for hang out for kids and adults alike. It is an icon of fitness and family bonding. It has the been a venue of beauty pageants in the past as well as being utilized by homegrown Cebuano triathletes to hone their swimming skills and do laps. I personally find the pool inviting and refreshing to swim with. I am no swimmer, but I enjoyed doing water bubbles [breathing] in the pool. I even had some laps before deciding to come up and change for lunch.



Room Rates

Staying in the garden view side room, I was able to see the changes and the vestiges of the past in the walls and hallways. I also marveled at how the Alvarez-Borromeo Family was able to keep the hotel uniquely Spanish-Cebuano. The hotel might had suffered the effects of the turn of the times but as a hotel, they were able to get back on track with the hospitality industry here in Cebu. Couples and families still spend their weekends here. When deciding where to stay in Cebu, Montebello Villa Hotel never fails to get the attention of those who wanted to have privacy within the city.

Montebello Villa Hotel Tariff Rates

Weddings at Montebello Villa Hotel

Who wouldn’t want to say their vows and celebrate light and love at the majestic gardens of this hotel? I surely would if I get married in the future. 🙂 The best way to begin a lifetime of togetherness is when you both decide to tie the knot and spend your forever together. The hotel offers competitive rates that would hurt the pockets while being able to enjoy its homey and natural feels.

The gardens and the convention halls served as witnesses to visions of forever for couples in love and families who share the same pride and joy.

Here are their packages:

 Yoga By The Gardens

The hotel has also been a favorite of yoga enthusiasts due to its scenic vistas. A garden with a purple lotus pond is definitely a sight. The flower of the purple lotus is a rare find. It doesn’t always survive in this type of weather such as ours.

If you want some soul searching and revitalizing, you can definitely try the Yoga by the Garden and the good news is, it is FREE for in house guests! And the rates are also very affordable.

yoga by the gardens of Montebello Villa Hotel


The Cabanas

The Cabanas in the hotel brought us back to a time when it was thoughtfully designed out to reflect Montebello Villa Hotel’s grandeur and history. The hotel started out as a member’s only country club and was shared by the hotel’s GM, Mr. Luis Martin B. Alvarez, who, as a young boy, would ride his own horse at the lush grounds of the hotel back in the day.

Personally, the cabanas made me feel regal and gave me a sense of intimacy and privacy. It somehow gave me a different perspective on life. During night time, it also serves a good venue to hold meetings and private meet ups with friends and colleagues. The jazz music or if you get lucky, Spanish acoustic music will serenade you. The cabanas comfortably holds a table for 6 and can give you either the pool side or the mountainside vista.


Tired during the Week? Then have this #ExclusiveIndulgence for BPO, Teachers and Government Employees

The work week definitely gets the inspiration and life out of our daily existence. Montebello Villa Hotel created packages to allow our BPO, Teachers and Government Employees to have an #ExclusiveIndulgence. Reward yourself with the following rates. All you need to do is to present your valid ID and you can also bring up to two companions with the same rate.


Future Plans

This 2016, the hotel has a lot of plans to continue the incremental renovation of Luis y Merceditas Ballroom as well as reconstruction of the first wing rooms to Premier Poolside / Junior Suite.

For 2017,  A wellness spa is already planned. The superior rooms will be renovated as well and an addition of a tent like structure that can fit up to 150 persons in banquet set-up is also part of the improvements that will be implemented.

This and more on Montebello Villa Hotel. See you there! 🙂