Hello Bicolandia! [part 2 of 3]


During my trip to the Home of Daragang Magayon in Bicolandia, a lot had transpired. So many things happened with just a snap. In a few hours, I was able to meet the best people that made my summer worth the while in Bicolandia, FEELMO. These people are the most humble and down to earth individuals I had encountered, making me feel valued and happy.

I was able to get to know the people behind MFPI, each one having a different point of view, but somehow complimented each individual persona. They may seem to be far and operating on a different setting, but they were able to capture the most basic essentials of LIFE, that which transpired beyond the casual hi and hello part. Let me tell you something about the FEELMO camp. 🙂

This camp is actually a collaboration and camaraderie of mountaineers all over the archipelago that shared the same passion for the outdoors and the love of good company. Most of them are stalwarts in their own right, survived the rigors and challenges of the mountains they had visited, molding them into their character now. They might be viewed by most as alcoholics, drunkards and blabbermouths, but those are just on the surface. Beneath those smiles and never ending “tagay and inuman sessions” are a solid and sensible community that tackles not just current issues in the field of the outdoors but also on how to be real people facing real life issues. In the few hours that I was able to bond with them, I had learned these two simple things:

1. Never complicate things. Make it short and simple in all your endeavors so that you can maximize on how to veer on LIFE!

2. Stay grounded. It’s not a problem to soar high and reach your dreams but DO NOT EVER BRAG ABOUT ANYTHING. Stay humble always.

So who says feelers are boring at walang magawa sa buhay?! Think again! FEELMO camp members were the most awesome people I had been friends with! 🙂 Kita kits ulit sa susunod na congress! 🙂


FEELMO camp members during the last MFPI Annual Congress [Photo Credits to Jerod Chan of ACES Cordillera]
FEELMO members on an [boat pushing?] island hopping to Guinanayan Island! [Saling pusa lang ako dito pero worth it pa rin!]