Exploring the Canyons of Cebu with Philippine Adventure Consultants


Cebu, Philippines — Owing to its vast landscape and natural wonders, Cebu has been tagged most of the time as one of the places to go for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With its collection of waterfalls and beaches, Cebu is very hard to miss out.

Cebu has its own collection of waterfalls, the most common ones are the Kawasan Falls in Badian and the Tumalog Falls in Oslob.

Philippine Adventure Consultants Cebu Exploration Team [PAC-CET], the proponent team of the expedition, started back in March 8, 2008 after Ralph Pilapil and Larry Honoridez went to climb Mt. Everest. After their Everest expedition, they were able to see the potential and viability of adventure tourism for Cebu island and then formulated adventure activities.

They were also the creators of Columbia Eco Trail Run and did the leg work for the previous XTERRA triathlon races and the much coveted Ironman 70.3 Championships here in Cebu. From the water section comprising the swim leg, the most critical start, to the Bike and the Run phase, PAC Cebu had successfully and safely carried out the events.

Columbia Sportwear Philippines, the #TestedTough brand for outdoor activities from mountaineering, hiking, kayaking, and caving apparel and footwear, had partnered with Philippine Adventure Consultants Cebu to create a one of a kind expedition that raised the bar and made the benchmark of exploring and chasing waterfalls.

This is the first time where a group of outdoor professionals [PAC-CET] with an established team that has the correct gear, equipment and PROPER TRAINING went down 6 waterfalls that was only known to the locals. This expedition paved the way for the group to really get to know the terrain, local flora and fauna as well measure the length of the waterfalls and apply risk assessment. PAC Cebu Exploration Team with Columbia Sportswear had come up with a series of outdoor adventures to field test their products for a #TestedTough proof.

Being a part of the expedition team was not easy. The prospects had to undergo a series of rigorous training for 3 days before being accepted to be part of the team.

Fueled by their slogan, “We dare to explore the unknown in search of canyons and waterfalls“, the expedition started recently last Sept.1 and ended on the 4th of 2016. The location was from Alegria to Samboan, for 3 days where 6 waterfalls have been explored, namely, Dau, Cangcalanog, Cangcalape, Balay’g Sawa, Binalayan, and Montpeller. These waterfalls has been a subject of freelance outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to bask in the beauty of it but wasn’t really explored down due to the technicality and high calculated risk.

The team behind the successful “Chasing Waterfalls” are:



> Ralph Pilapil – PAC Cebu CEO, Expedition Nurse of Philippine Mt.Everest Team ,NEBOSH, IRATA, Race Director of Columbia Eco Trail and ROX outdoor activities. Expedition leader “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Randy Salazar – PAC Cebu technical director, Philippine Speleogical Society Instructor, NEBOSH, and Technical safety and equipment “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Melissa “Missy” Torralba – PAC Cebu Medic, Emergency Medical Technician, Medic and logistical support “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Bong Aller – PAC Cebu Lead Camera man, Sky Cable Camera man, Lead camera man and Script writer “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Trent Aller – PAC Cebu Camera man, Adventure enthusiast, camera man “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Renante Alburo – PAC Cebu Video Editor, Video Editor and Stunt coordinator “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Aaron Binoya – PAC Cebu technical staff, Red Cross Volunteer, Rope Rescuer Qatar, technical crew “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Ann Jillan Binoya – PAC Cebu Medic, Red Cross Volunteer, Medic and Logistic support “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Christopher “Tope” Pilapil – PAC Cebu Technical staff, Adventure Athlete, Technical Crew “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Efren “Master” Lloyd Alcesto – PAC Cebu Technical Staff, Habagat Outdoor Sales Staff, Technical Crew “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

> Rodolfo Rubino – PAC Cebu Lead guide (Canyoning) , PAC Ganern General Manager, Lead guide “Chasing Canyons and Waterfalls”

Follow Philippine Adventure Consultants Cebu on their outdoor adventures and get to know them better through the following channels:

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Facebook Fan Page: https://web.facebook.com/Philippine-Adventure-Consultants-642864475851249/?fref=ts
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Here are some snaps of the Chasing Waterfalls Expedition 🙂





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For the Love of the Outdoors,

Viajera Cebuana 🙂

  • Missy Mabugat Torralba

    We are truly blessed with a wonderful nature. May the adventurers find it enjoyable while respecting the place. I’m very thankful for the very skillful and talented PAC-CET team for sharing this to the Filipinos as well as to the world. Thank you also to Columbia Sportswear for putting your trust in us.

    • I agree with you Missy. May we all find Nature enjoyable and positive while respecting it. 🙂 Big ups to PAC-CET team and Columbia too! 🙂

  • Kai Karasu

    Renante idol!

  • Corinne Vail

    Even though I’d be scared silly doing this, I would love to try. I love the beauty of Cebu!

  • Jerny Destacamento

    is this different with the Canyoneering in Badian? Cuz I saw the photo and you have rappelling stuff there! Wow! I wanna experience that too!


    • This is an advanced exploration of the Canyons and Waterfalls, Jerny. We might offer this soon but we are still doing the risk assessment continually for safety.

  • The rappel looks awesome! How was it? I want to try it when I get back home 🙂

    • Hi Jane! yeah the rappelling is pretty awesome. do let me know when you are back home! 🙂

      – JL