Embrace Adventures From Highlands to Islands. Eat. Pray. Love this 2017!


I had always been grateful for 2016. There are a lot of unexpected adventures that I had been able to participate. As a traveler and a blogger, it widened my horizon and made me aware of the culture of other regions. The past year was a test of physical strength and capabilities.

I had been a blogger since 2008 but I had been a traveler since 6 years old. As early as that age, I had experienced traveling with not so convenient ways by land and by sea. Having parents that had diverse backgrounds, my father from the mountains and my mother from a different island, well, that resulted for me to be a jet setter. I got the best of both worlds, so to speak. Adventures always set the pace of my life when I was younger.

Traveling has made me realize a lot of things, and one of that is how to be flexible and humble as well. Adventures are always in my daily existence, the mere fact that I had embraced the outdoors as a part of my system. Traveling made me practical and self-contained and made me realize that everything has a price. Every battle scars from adventures will serve as a learning curve for me.


For this 2017, here are my self-imposed plans and challenges that hopefully, will enable me to reach my goals of adventures for eating:

  1. Save, save, save. Get into that 52 week Money Challenge for Food Trip Funding or just simply save!!!
  2. Look for promotions on all types of restaurants, diners, local eats.
  3. Walk around. There are unexpected discoveries and adventures when you take the time to walk around the community.
  4. Enrich your learning by reading. Reading about cuisines and dishes will help you appreciate more on food.
  5. Eat, eat, eat! That’s the only way to savor the layers of flavors laid before you.
  6. Learn a thing or two about cocktails, beverages, and spirits.

    Merry Christmas from our household to yours. 🙂 #ViajeraCebuanaEats #Christmas #NocheBuena

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  1. Get up close and personal with the different churches and places of worship this year.
  2. Do a Visita Iglesia on Holy Week when not in the mountains to pray.
  3. Walk, walk, walk. Go and explore the hidden gems of the churches that molded our individual faith. Take on adventures that are uniquely designed the DIY way.
  4. Bask in the feels of the places for worship. IT will give you a realization or two.

    Stella Maris Chapel, Cagraray Eco Energy Park, Bacacay Island, Albay
    Stella Maris Chapel, Cagraray Eco Energy Park, Bacacay Island, Albay

And most of all, find your inner adventures by TRAVELING! To achieve that, I will DO the following:

  1. Get into the 52 week Money challenge for travel funds!
  2. Get a separate coin bank for travel funds.
  3. Get into collaborations as well and update the travel blog. 🙂
  4. Go by boat or by bus. If it can be done that way, then it will be cheaper. You will get a very unhampered view as well.
  5. Walk around the urban area. And when in an island, immerse with the locals and explore! Make the most out of your travels by being nice to the locals. It will save your life.
  6. Document and take snaps of your travels.

Life is a daring adventure, we all know that. But having the correct mindset and the will power to do something that you won’t regret is a self-decision. Being a traveler entails good planning ahead and being flexible to the curve balls thrown at you.

Have you ever had an adventure that you think changed you? What did you do about it? Let’s talk! Drop me a message below and or follow me and my adventures on Instagram [@viajeracebuana].



For the love of adventures,