Coming Home To My Little Darling, Amorita [Amorita Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol]



Traveling is a way of coming home. It may be a journey but it somehow results in a feeling of coming home to what you truly deserve. I have been a traveler since my earlier phases in life. When I travel, a piece of me is being completed in the process. When I am stressed and pressured, I made it a point to get out and explore. This July, I was recently invited to join other Cebuano Social Media Influencers to join One Of Collection’s Amorita Beach Resort and Momo Beach House. It was like coming home to something that is unique and heartfelt. We Filipinos are known to be gracious and hospitable and at Amorita, I felt like the place was created for me to stay.

I wasn’t able to join my Cebu Bloggers Society family at Momo Beach House since I needed to finish my week’s work on a Friday. Catching up on a Saturday after a shift was pretty challenging. I had to be at the port at least an hour before my scheduled trip. My bag, a Kimbara 35L from Silangan Outdoor Equipment has filled with my usual essentials as well my gadgets. It was a sunny ride to Tagbilaran and we arrived safely.

How Amorita Resort Came To Be

Amorita Beach Resort is nestled atop a limestone cliff on the southern edge of Bohol’s Panglao Island, the resort is a tranquil seaside retreat that combines world-class service with signature Filipino Hospitality. The 98-room luxury resort overlooks the azure Bohol Sea and is elegantly punctuated with the vibrant tropical landscape along Alona Beach with its distinct island ambiance and organic modern aesthetic.

Founded and built with loving care by owners Nikki and Ria Cauton, the resort marries world-class service with signature Filipino hospitality, offering guests an escape from the urban fray and a hospitality experience unlike any other. The staff welcomed us warmly and paid to little details like giving us welcome drinks, attending to our bags and luggage as well as letting us register in a breeze.

A TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Hall of Fame awardee, Amorita Beach Resort was also recognized as an ASEAN Green Hotel Awardee in 2016 and stands as the only resort in the Philippines to earn the prestigious Conde Nast Johansens’ Excellence Award 2017: Best for Service.

My Own Amorita Experience

Traveling to Amorita Beach Resort started like this:

Leyland Romarate of The Cebuano and I embarked on our journey via Oceanjet at Aduana, or Cebu Pier 1 and enjoyed a 2-hour boat ride to Tagbilaran Port. Upon arrival at the sea port, we were taken to Amorita Beach Resort to catch up with our fellow bloggers by our chauffeur for the day from Momo Beach House [I forgot to get Kuya’s name].

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Amorita Resort’s General Manager, Sir Noel Barrameda and was led to the main lobby. We were greeted by fellow bloggers of both Cebu Bloggers Society and Cebu Fashion Bloggers. Right at that moment, I felt the difference in Boholano

I was ushered into a Junior Suite together with fellow blogger, Glyth Lamprea of Glitterzescapades. We are both Board of Trustees from Cebu Bloggers Society. This is the 2nd time that we were invited to do a hotel review. First was with Montebello Villa Hotel last year. It was a true escape from the bustling bright city. At this point though, it was an all girl duo of us who decided to go for the accommodation. I tagged her along since I can’t think of anybody else to partner with me.

As the day progressed, we were invited to join the lunch at Tomar, a Spanish Tapas and Wines Bar located at the 2nd Level of the building that houses Saffron, the main culinary outlet of the resort facing the pool. [Blogging this awesome place soon].

The overnight stay was full of activities and we didn’t expect to sample some Ginto ORO single origin dark chocolates too. The place was really calming and in a way, enchantingly beautiful.

The management and staff made sure that we are getting the best service on the island. True enough,  I had been to other resorts and I had worked in a resort as well but Amorita Resort is one of a kind. It marries the Boholano hospitality while making sure that your privacy is well kept. It was a sojourn one for the books.

Amenities of Amorita Beach Resort

As I ventured and explored the place, I was able to note the different amenities it has aside from the obvious, which is the infinity pool. Amorita Resort Bohol screams loudly of privacy and luxury, although their rates are pretty much affordable.

Here are the amenities that made Amorita Resort Bohol special:

  1. The patio facing the pool and the pools themselves.
    Amorita Resort has its own share of two infinity pools that gave a simple yet inviting feel to its guests. The patio with lounging chairs near the lobby faces Alona Beach, a popular hangout destination on this side of the island.

  2. The seemingly endless stretch of the garden.
    The gardens were actually a revelation for me. It’s oxygen rich environ provided adequate oxygen exchange in the brain thereby resulting in clarity, focus and being in a happy state. The gardens also are a welcome respite from the stress of the urban world. It was that weekend that I totally forgot my worries and trials. I found my happy spot by just looking into the trees.
  1. The access stairs going to Alona Beach.
    The cliffside bar had stone stairs going down Alona Beach. When you feel the need to go to the beach and get positive vibes from the water itself, the discreet stairs is your way to get out. On nights when you feel the need to get a drink or two and immerse yourself in the night life scene, this is the answer.
  2. The sunbeds.
    There is a sunbed that is beautifully situated in front of Saffron Restaurant. You may relax here in early mornings before taking a dip in the pool or perhaps read a book at night while enjoying the Bohol Sea breeze. You may also do some awesome shots here on your fashionable OOTDs.
  3. Own dipping pool at the private villas
    The private villas [both 1 BR and the family villas], the dipping pool is a welcome treat to the guests. It also is a great way to reflect on life’s unusualities. The dipping pool can be an avenue where you can reflect and recharge yourself.

  4. The cliff side chill area where you have the unrestricted view to the beach below
    Surprisingly, Amorita Resort Bohol had allocated an area where you can chill and just stare at the sunrise or sunset.
  5. An in-house diving center
    The in-house diving center is a great way to discover the other part of the Bohol seas. The place has been blessed with a high biodiversity rate especially in Cabilao and nearby islands.
  6. Spa
    For those who wanted to get pampered and experience the best of Filipino handiwork, Sea Tree Spa in Amorita is the place to be. Soothe your mind, body, and soul with an exclusive range of experiences, from authentic Filipino massage therapies and healing arts to romantic bathing rituals and beauty treatments. Guests can enjoy a 90-minute journey of bliss with their Maharlika signature massage. This delightfully relaxing treatment features the use of aromatic and soothing cocoa chocolate oil, the application of thermotherapy with authentic Boholano herbal healing medicine.
  7. Gym
    For the health buffs, a quick trip to the gym will definitely be a treat. Though we haven’t really ventured there, we know that Amorita Resort Bohol upholds state-of-the-art facilities that cater to the needs of its guests.
  8. Function Rooms
    While famed for its lush and exclusive landscapes, Amorita has versatile event spaces and function rooms catering to a variety of gatherings from work to play. Offering a selection of top-quality banquet and dining options, Amorita will definitely be not just an option, but a priority. With function spaces ranging from 75 square meters to 180 square meters, Amorita Resort Bohol became a favorite destination wedding venue for couples all over the world as well as corporate events.
  9. The Rooms 🙂
    The rooms are unique from each type.
    The Deluxe Rooms are with plush interiors and has first-class amenities, eco-chic interiors and highlights the Amorita Resort Bohol’s signature personalized service.
    Soak up the luxurious privacy of The Suite Rooms which features designer interiors and unparallel levels of comfort. Spacious and naturally secluded, The Villas offer the ultimate in seaside serenity, complete with the lounge pool, patio, and ocean or garden views that are guaranteed to take your breath away.

How to Get There

Getting to Amorita is easy. From Cebu, traveling to Tagbilaran, Bohol is easy. You may ride a boat [either OceanJet or Supercat] and they leave alternately every hour starting at around 5 AM every day. You may also fly from Cebu to Tagbilaran. Bohol is actually an emerging tourism destination as characterized by hotels and resorts that dotted the island. As you arrive at the port, the Amorita staff will fetch you and take you to the resort directly. When you opt not to take the resort transfer, you may ride a van going to Panglao at the port. Upon reaching Panglao, you may ask the locals where to ride the tricycle going to the resort. Many tourists also go via DIY method of transport.

Amorita Resort Bohol is located in #1 Ester A. Lim Drive, Brgy. Tawala, Alona Beach in Panglao Island, Bohol. Their numbers are 038-502-9003 and 0917 726 4526. You may reach them for inquiries. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well 🙂

I hope to visit this place again, soon and come home to my #LittleDarling #AmoritaResortBohol



For the love of serenity and harmony,