Columbia Trek Shoes: My Tested Tough Companion In The Outdoors


Cebu, Philippines — Being a woman that is an outdoor enthusiast, it does not only entails passion but tested tough gear as well. In the pursuit of great adventures since I was young, I only rely on gear that would protect and aid me in my adventures. Columbia Trek Shoes Shasta Ridge and Helvatia Vent did more than just protect, it fueled my passion to get outside and explore the greater outdoors. I did not regretted getting two pairs for myself. Read on below regarding my #TestedTough journey in exploring and discovering what the Great Outdoors has to offer.

The Journey

Being a newbie in the outdoors, I always find it hard to get the right shoe that fits. I grew up doing walks in the forest when I was young and back in 2013, I had embraced my passion and made steps in attaining some freedom to tread in the outdoors. I joined outdoor groups and joined day hikes. At first I thought that using the normal rubber shoe would suffice, but I was wrong. Back on March 2013, I had my first day hike in Budlaan, a few years after I had explored the area when I was still a student. I remembered that day too well. We met up with my friends in one of the fastfoods in JY Square where we hired a motorcycle to get us to Budlaan. The heat was steadily rising and I felt uncomfortable already on my chosen clothing, a rash guard and khaki shorts and my gym shoes. I met new friends and headed to the jump off point. It was a scorching 36 degree ride but the wind was blowing albeit quiet strongly. The motorcycle ride was not a breeze though, we had to pass by a lot of zigzag roads before reaching Brgy. Baugo. I vividly recalled the area where I used to spend my lunch time with my classmates. As the day progressed though, I cannot count how many times I slipped due to the incorrect footwear I wore and how my legs cramped. Luckily, a friend introduced me to Columbia Trek Shoes. He was a fellow outdoor enthusiast and was also an avid supporter of Columbia Trek Shoes.

Choosing The Right Shoe

After that traumatic and risky experience, I went to a Columbia Store here and tried the right trek shoes for me. What I was looking for was ample toe room [meaning my toes wont hit the inner wall], had a steady set of spikes at the sole, breatheable [meaning it has mesh], not necessary lightweight but is not heavy enough to put a strain on my calf muscles, durable materials [shoe laces, rubber patch at the front] and can withstand long hikes.

Out of all the pairs that I fitted, only the Columbia Trek Shoes Shasta Ridge got my attention. It has a low cut design that allows freedom of movement and does not hurt my toes. I also noticed that it fits well on the arch of my feet, thus allowing maximum fit. I tried to walk around the store and found out that it does not hurt my feet even if I use thin socks, so that prompted me to buy.

I used this pair on my first ever Basic Mountaineering Course and was able to successfully tread on rocks, boulders, rivers and small brooks without any problem. Though at times, the mountains proved to be so slippery, Shasta Ridge’s spiked sole allowed me to had that grip to pull through. Its TechLite Technology also proved to be helpful since it is quiet lightweight. That way, I was able to prove that Columbia Trek Shoes are the best gear to get through with the most challenging hikes.

Heres the proof of my #TestedTough Hikes with my Shasta Ridge 🙂


Helvatia Vent: New Pair, Old Tested Tough

Since my Columbia Trek Shoes Shasta Ridge has been subjected to the elements, it has slowly succumbed to wear and tear. After a year of climbs, I noticed that the mesh on the sides are torn. It has been ongoing until such time it was big enough to show my socks. I felt like there is a need for me to find another pair since I noticed as well that I had already used it more than expected.

Although the product itself is built to be #TestedTough, somehow it was affected by the harsh elements of nature. I was very satisfied by the performance of my shoes, however, it somehow needs to rest. I found it hard to have it repaired here since the mesh was quiet an uncommon material here.

So, I ventured another trip to my favorite Columbia Store and searched for a new pair to replace my old one. The new pair that caught my eye was the Columbia Trek Shoes Helvatia Vent. This trek shoes was not really my type at first since it was colored Coral and Grey. I would have wanted something dark colored but then, there is something on that pair that attracted me. The TechLight Technology allows mid sole cushioning thereby allowing impact absorption and the Omni-Grip Technology allows advanced traction on slippery areas.

I had enjoyed its excellent performance during my travels and climbs. I had also a great time running the trails with this pair. What added as a plus on its overall performance was, it is light enough to run on the trails. I had used this on an adventure race and on my first ever major climb at Mt. Madjaas in Culasi, Antique. It is a great footwear to use even when you are in the urban setting. I used it even when I do my practice runs on pavement.

Here are my #TestedTough adventures with my Helvatia Vent 🙂


So far, I had been very much satisfied with my shoes. Though sometimes, the mesh keeps on tearing apart, I still marvel at how #TestedTough isn’t only a hashtag, but also a tested proof of the quality and the performance of this brand. I didn’t really regretted buying it to fuel my passion to go further.

Another #TestedTough weekend is just around the corner. Where do you think your passions can take you?