Christmas Chronicles: How Cebuanos Celebrate Christmas [Montebello Villa Hotel’s A Season To Gather]


Cebu City, Philippines — Christmas has been a time for families and friends to look back on traditions, family customs and as well as honoring family heritage. Montebello Villa Hotel, Cebu’s Only Garden Hotel, had recently invited me to attend A Season To Gather: An Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Activityย that Keeps Tradition while Embracing Innovation.

Admittedly, the Cebuanos are very particular with family traditions and family gatherings. Together with my Cebu Bloggers Society family, I was able to witness how the Borromeo – Alvarez family celebrates this very special occasion.

Upon setting foot on the grand lobby, I noticed a feeling of being at home away from home. I find it comforting that the halls were decked with two significant colors, Silver and Gold. It brings the nostalgic feeling of old-world charms and the convenient promise of warm and genuine Cebuano hospitality. Silver and gold assures visitors to enjoy high quality accommodation, contemporary facilities, and reliable services that the hotel has been offering its guests even from the time it was established. The hotel has existed for 44 years and it never failed to create a calm and tranquil environment that promotes a high level of relaxation.

During this Yuletide Season, surely a tree lighting activity jump starts the Holidays. Montebello Villa Hotel‘s A Season to Gather, goes deeper into what it really means to have more than just a tree. It’s a living tradition for the hotel. It whisked me back to a time where we hold family gatherings in our “sala”, a living room that fosters open communication and exchange of ideas.

The Meaning of Montebello Villa Hotel’s Tree

Montebello Villa Hotel loves family getting together as a family, and one of the things ever present in a family gathering is the Christmas Tree, it is always in the center of every family get-togethers during Christmas time (in a living room) expressing their love for each other, it is where we store our presents/gifts for our loved ones before we give the gifts to them. Here in Montebello, it is a symbol of us accepting you, embracing you as our own family- our partners, our guests.

Here are our snaps:

cbs forever 1
Sir Luis, GM for Montebello Villa Hotel doing the opening address.
cbsforever 2
Cebu Bloggers Society celebrating with Montebello Villa Hotel for its Christmas Tree Lighting Event
cbs forever 3
From above, The Cebu Bloggers Society gathers by the Christmas Tree with all smiles ๐Ÿ™‚