Buy Buy Baby: Convenient Online Shopping For Baby Needs


If you are about to be a new parent, or even if you already have kids of your own, you will soon find out how much time is spent at home and inside your car. Baby gates, car seats, bases, outlet plugs… the list goes on and on and can get very, very expensive.

We should start off by saying that most if not all can be bought online or in store at a discount via Buy Buy Baby. They offer everything in the way of car seats to cabinet locks and make it easier to order online and ship directly to home or store.

For Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary but can also be a death trap. Not to be dramatic, but there are so many ways a baby can harm themselves even if confined to a single room. Here are some ways to ensure your home is ready to go:

  1. Get on your knees to see what they see. Note all the hazards and potential harm that can come to baby’s way by getting down to their level to see what they can see.
  2. Rearrange if needed. Sometimes couches can work as baby gates in certain areas and can even create a more functional space for your little one. A little reconfiguration can go a long way.
  3. If there are stairs, there is the danger. Kids are drawn to stairs like magnets. DO whatever you have to ensure there is no way they can go up or down without your guidance.

For Your Car

Whether you are scooting from doctors appointments, soccer games, amusement parks or birthday parties, you will see that your car will quickly become the central hub for your family.

With that being said, when was the last time you actually stopped and did a check on how safe your car is for your family? Aside from making sure the car seat(s) fit and the seat belts work, have you ever given it any thought?

Here are some quick tips to check off the list when it comes to baby safety and kid friendly vehicles.

  1. Car seats – An obvious one, but the most important. Make sure your car can fit the car seat properly and that car seat passes the five-point safety rating. If you have a smaller size car, install the car seat before you decide on it because of more times than not, the infant car seats are too big and will cause the front seat to not be adjusted.
  2. Regular check-ups and tune-ups – Another obvious, but important factor you simply cannot avoid. Change your oil regularly, rotate your tires, top off your fluids and get your brakes replaced as needed. Just these few simple tasks can make all the difference. Worried about price? Always check sites like to find deals nearby for mechanics and other auto-related services.
  3. Do your own five-point inspection – Check things you wouldn’t normally think to check and make sure they are working properly. Windshield wipers and brake lights are two of the most overlooked and easy fixes in your car and can be the ultimate deciding factor in the safety of you and your family.