Bluewater Panglao: Living the Silent Harmony of Island Living [Part 1]


Panglao Island, Bohol — Amid the hustle and bustle of city life, I would always make it a point to be traveling to a certain place that I haven’t been to before. I had been to Bohol quite a couple of times but I haven’t ventured into Panglao. Recently, I and a fellow blogger, Neil Savellon [@chefbuano] was invited to experience how it is to live the silent harmony of island living in Bluewater Panglao. The resort is located in Daurong, Danao, Panglao Island, Bohol and has existed for five years already. Congratulations on your 5th year, Bluewater Panglao! 🙂

Arrival at Tagbilaran Sea Port

Initially, when we were invited by the resort to stay, Neil and I agreed to commute to Panglao. Being backpackers who travel most of the time, we are fine with doing the mass transport to reach our destination. The trip via OceanJet from Aduana [Passenger Terminal Port 1] or commonly known as Pier 1 in Cebu was the point of embarkation. We made sure our things are all set and we traveled to Bohol onboard OceanJet. The sea voyage was actually fun and we noticed that the vessel was comfortable and spacious enough to hold at least 300 hundred passengers. We also noticed that there were a lot of foreign tourists during that journey. I marveled at how OceanJet had made sure to make the voyage enjoyable as well. There are chips and drinks as well as other food items bought on sale by the crew.

 A few days prior to the trip, I was contacted by the resort staff and was asked by our itinerary and was informed that someone will be meeting us at the port. I was excited and glad since that was not expected. The hotel staff who greeted us ushered us into a van. And I was like, this is so grand! The van was so spacious for both of us and the chauffeur was also very warm and accommodating. He even pointed out where the other stellar resorts are in Panglao that we happen to pass by en route to the resort.

Chefbuano and Viajera Cebuana

I noticed that the island life in Panglao is very much similar to the one in interior Boracay, it lets you get the hang of the island life away from the maddening crowd and the busy pathways. This gave me another spectrum of how I see Bohol. It made me realize that indeed, Bohol has some hidden jewels waiting to be discovered.

Touch Down!

I marveled at the sight of the surroundings, all vibrant with life. The chinese bamboo lined path leading to the garden and as well as to the vibrant flora caught my eye. The creeping bougainvillea that lined the posts leading up to the upper rooms was just a natural stress reliever. I find comfort and peace while staring at the trees in the resort. I instantly fell in love with the blue, green and white color combination of the furniture in the lobby. The accent of plants all over added to the coolness of the open space.

The resort has its standard check in time by 3PM but since we arrived early, we were ushered to somehow wait for few minutes while they prepare our room. I was delighted that the check in process was so efficient and fast. During my stint at the sister site, Bluewater Sumilon, as an HR Assistant, I would always reiterate the value of fast and efficient check in and check out. I was still starting at the Hospitality industry then, and I took the opportunity to work and be trained at the Front Office. I remember my colleague, Evianne Mae, makes the list for arrivals, check in and check outs for everyone. This list is always placed on the front office table for our Seacraft Crew to get and distribute to the other departments.

I marveled at how they gave me enough time to fill out the necessary info and gave us the signature welcome drink, Lemongrass Tea with Calamansi was very refreshing and satiating. It was humid and warm when we arrived and I can’t but linger on the last few drops of my drink. It brought back island life memories again. 🙂 I was getting pretty much nostalgic and my smile was from ear to ear. The Bluewater Panglao exceeded my expectations. It added to my excitement.

The Grand Pool

The grand pool was the focal point of the Bluewater Panglao resort. It embodies Blue and the Element, Water. It has a calming effect to the weary traveler. I am a lover of pools and anything that was water. As an outdoor enthusiast, I marveled at how Nature can carve out anything and let water flow through it. Though it is a known fact that I don’t know how to swim at all, I always find comfort and peace when I see a body of water, natural or artificial.


Everything that captivated my senses was accentuated here in Bluewater Panglao. I had the best weekend so far. This is just a peek at how I spent a lovely weekend at the resort. Up next, I will be giving a tour on the entire resort and as well as the room accommodations on Bluewater Panglao. Stay tuned! 🙂

See you in my next adventures! 🙂

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  • Memorable weekend indeed!
    The design of the pool is unique! I would love to spend a day there.

  • Andi

    I bet this is a nice place to relax and enjoy the weekend. I see myself relaxing and just some other blog post with a cup of coffee. So nice!