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Hi there! I’m JL, a nurse by profession and a full pledged Viajera and Adventurista by PASSION. From Islands to Highlands and from Reef to Ridges, I seek the unexplored territories and find solace in the road less traveled. I am also a Travel Blogger who wanted to show the entire world how majestic and beautiful our 7,500 islands are in this archipelago.  I followed my passion for being able to pursue higher learning in the outdoors and I am very receptive to teaching and feedback coaching.

I marvel at the beauty of the mountains, in the cerulean peacefulness of the seas, of the fine caress of the sands underneath my feet, and the infinity of the horizon ahead.

I am also a born foodie and by choice. I usually experiment in whatever I can find in my parent’s pantry or out in the urbanscape. I am not really into sour vinegar-laden stuff  but I am into calamansi, lime, and lemon! I don’t go for the synthetic ones, I patronize natural! 🙂 I had my own heirloom recipes that were taken from my aunt and uncle who happen to breathe and operate in the kitchen. Move over, Iron Chef. 🙂

On the pages of this blog, you will find various scribbles and doodles that may have been a result of a hangover for either beer, coffee, heightened emotions and everything in between. I don’t tolerate profanity of all SORTS so please, sort your words or else you will definitely eat them all up.

I am a proud member of:

Cebu Blogging Society, Incorporated, The Premier Blogging Organization in Cebu.

Enjoy your stay! Ciao!